Introducing the NEW Xilinx Versal ACAP Online Training Courses

In 2018 Xilinx® introduced the industry’s first ACAP. Therefore, in order to help hardware and software engineers come up to speed quickly on the new device, Xilinx has released 6 comprehensive Versal® ACAP online training classes. BLT, a Xilinx Authorized Training Provider (ATP) and Xilinx Certified Alliance Member, is now offering all 6 courses as part of a full course catalog of Xilinx classes.

The Versal ACAP is fully software programmable and is capable of achieving speeds 20x faster than today’s FPGA implementations. It introduces the best of scalar processing elements, vector processing elements, and programmable logic in the new heterogeneous compute architecture.

To learn more about the Versal ACAP platforms, Vitis, Vivado, and related tools, click here.

For the new Versal ACAP online training, see below for available courses.


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BLT Versal ACAP Online Training: Available Courses

Designing with the Versal ACAP: Architecture and Methodology

Designing with the Versal ACAP: Architecture and Methodology

The emphasis of this course is on reviewing the architecture of the Versal ACAP, describing the different engines available, utilizing the hardened blocks, using the design tools and methodology, describing the NoC and AI Engine concepts and their architectures, and performing system-level simulation and debugging.

Versal ACAP Network on Chip

Designing with the Versal ACAP: Network on Chip (NoC)

This course introduces the Versal ACAP network on chip (NoC) to users familiar with Xilinx devices. Besides providing an overview of the major components in the Versal device, the course illustrates how the NoC is used to efficiently move data within the device.

Versal ACAP Power and Board Design

Designing with the Versal ACAP: Power and Board Design

This course provides a system-level understanding of power and thermal issues related to designing with the Versal ACAP, with emphasis on estimating power using power analysis, managing thermal design, understanding Versal device packaging, and using the Versal PCB Schematic Checklist for accelerating PCB design.

Versal AI Engine 1

Designing with Versal AI Engine 1: Architecture and Design Flow

The emphasis of this course is on illustrating the AI Engine architecture, designing single AI Engine kernels, designing multiple AI kernels using data flow graphs with the Vitis IDE, reviewing the data movement between AI Engines, between AI Engines via memory and DMA, and between AI Engines to programmable logic (PL), and analyzing and debugging kernel performance.

Versal AI Engine 2

Designing with Versal AI Engine 2: Graph Programming with AI Engine Kernels

This course emphasizes implementing a system-level design flow (PS + PL + AIE) and the supported simulation, using an interface for data movement between the PL and AI Engine, utilizing advanced MAC intrinsics to implement filters, utilizing the AI Engine library for faster development, and applying advanced features for optimizing a system-level design.

Versal AI Engine 3

Designing with Versal AI Engine 3: Kernel Programming and Optimization

This course covers the advanced features of the Versal ACAP AI Engine, including debugging an application in the Vitis unified software platform, using filter intrinsics, implementing a system design in hardware, and optimizing an AI Engine kernel program.

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What is an ACAP?

According to Xilinx, an ACAP is a highly integrated multi-core heterogeneous compute platform that can be changed at the hardware level to adapt to the needs of a wide range of applications and workloads. Learn more.

What does ACAP stand for?

ACAP is the acronym for an Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform.

When did Xilinx release the Versal ACAP courses?

Xilinx released 5 courses at the beginning of 2021.

Do I have to take the classes in order?

It is highly recommended that you first take Designing with the Versal ACAP: Architecture and Methodology, then Designing with the Versal ACAP: Network on Chip, followed by the 3 Versal AI Engine courses.

I took a Versal ACAP class from another training provider. Can I still take additional Versal training from BLT?

Absolutely. If you have completed a Versal course from another training provider but would like to continue your training with BLT, your earlier coursework counts. Make sure to mention it when registering. 

Is BLT an authorized training provider for Xilinx Versal training?

Yes. BLT is an Authorized Training Provider for Xilinx, including the new Versal ACAP courses.

Will these classes be offered in person?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all BLT courses are currently offered online only. However, when it is safe to teach in person, BLT will resume in-person training, including the new Versal ACAP training.

Does BLT accept Xilinx training credits?

Yes. BLT accepts Xilinx credits, as well as other forms of payment. If you are unsure of how many Xilinx credits you currently have or when they expire, BLT can help you gather that information.

I have questions about BLT’s Versal ACAP online training. Is there someone I can talk to?

We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Call 888-XILINX-1 or email [email protected].