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BLT’s Migration Services for Programmable Logic Devices

Struggling with disruptions from discontinued devices, supply chain constraints, or other issues requiring a migration? Need to keep your designs in production? BLT can help. Our specialized migration services offer a comprehensive solution to seamlessly transition your FPGA / SoC / ASIC designs and minimize interruptions to your products.

BLT is silicon agnostic. We will evaluate your requirements and recommend a migration plan based on the programmable logic device that makes the most sense for your design. Learn more about our Architecture,  Specification and Plan ™ (ASP).

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Migration Services Devices

AMD devices

Need to transition from a discontinued part?

Or need to update a part with supply chain constraints?

Intel devices

Looking to migrate from an Intel device to another vendor’s part? Contact us.

Lattice devices

Looking to migrate from a Lattice device to another vendor’s part? Contact us.

Microchip devices

Looking to migrate from a Microchip device to another vendor’s part? Contact us.

Are disruptions or discontinued devices threatening your design’s production life? Preserve Your Design, Sustain Your Success – Act Now.

Why Choose Our Migration Services?

Expertise Across Vendors

Our FPGA experts possess extensive knowledge and experience in migrating systems across various silicon vendors, including AMD, Intel, Microchip, and Lattice. Whether you’re facing discontinued devices or supply chain constraints, our experts are well-equipped to guide you through the migration process.

Adaptable Solutions

We understand that each situation is unique. Our migration services provide adaptable solutions tailored to your specific challenges, ensuring the optimal selection of alternative devices that align with your system requirements.

Seamless Integration

Our migration process is meticulously planned and executed to ensure a smooth transition. We focus on minimizing downtime, preserving data integrity, and optimizing performance during the migration process.


Reasons for Migration Services

Discontinued Devices

When faced with discontinued devices, our migration services provide viable alternatives, allowing you to maintain operational continuity without compromising performance.

Supply Chain Constraints

In the face of supply chain challenges, our experts analyze your existing systems and recommend alternative devices that ensure a reliable and sustainable supply chain.

Technological Evolution

Embrace the latest advancements in programmable logic technology. Our migration services help you transition to newer devices that offer improved capabilities, efficiency, and compatibility.

Our Comprehensive Migration Services Process

Needs Assessment

Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your existing systems, understanding your specific needs, challenges, and goals. Learn more about our assessment process, called ASP.

Device Selection

Based on the assessment, we recommend alternative devices, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

Migration Execution

Our experts implement the migration plan, carefully transitioning your systems to the selected devices while minimizing disruptions.

Testing and Validation

Rigorous testing is conducted to validate the performance and functionality of the migrated designs, ensuring they meet or exceed your expectations.

Ongoing Support

We provide additional support to address any queries, concerns, or additional requirements post-migration, ensuring your long-term satisfaction. We can also offer training to your team.

Contact Us for a Smooth Migration

Don’t let challenges like discontinued devices or supply chain constraints hinder your ability to keep your product available to the market. Contact us today to explore how our migration services can help.