NOTE: Due to the ongoing pandemic BLT is currently offering limited in-person training. Regular in-person training will resume when it’s safe to do so. We continue to offer online training from actual engineers, as well as plenty of hand-on lab time.

BLT Training – by engineers, for engineers

BLT’s Xilinx training experience began in 1987. Today, BLT teaches Xilinx’s classes throughout the US and is Xilinx’s exclusive Authorized Training Provider (ATP) for in-person training in New York state, eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky. We also offer online training nationally.

  • We have directly trained well over a thousand engineers in the methodology, subtleties, rigors and art of FPGA design.
  • We specialize in Xilinx FPGA training courses, but also offer custom classes.
  • During the classes, we use actual client situations to illustrate design and development technique. We actively work with our student’s designs and encourage them to include their current projects in class evaluation and critique.
  • Xilinx and their distributors use BLT extensively because, as one student put it:

“It’s nice to have real engineers, who use the tools, teaching this class. BLT knows all the tricks. They were great!”

Every just $299 per day

Course Schedule

Our classes offer an intensive hands-on experience as well as an opportunity to learn from our design engineers. Learn more.

Private Classes

BLT also provides private classes that can be delivered either online, at your location or in a nearby facility. They offer you added benefits such as being able to control the pace of the class, exclusive access to a Xilinx instructor, and the ability to discuss issues with your peers. We can deliver any of our public classes in a private setting for up to 14 students per class for a fixed rate per day. Click Here for more information about our private classes. Learn more.

Training Facilities

BLT provides training at a number of state of the art facilities throughout the Northeastern United States. Click Here to view a list of current facilities, travel, lodging, and contact information. Additionally, we now offer online courses nationally. Learn more.


Enrollment is quick and easy. Simply visit the course or courses you’re interested in, select the type of training and/or coaching that best fits your needs then click the REGISTER button.

Privacy Policy

Unless you specifically give us permission, BLT will never share your personal information. For more information click here.

BLT Training Policies

BLT training policies are in place to insure the best-in-class student experience. Please make sure you read and understand them before signing up for training. Learn more.

BLT Xilinx Design Services

BLT training classes are conducted to enable our Student-Clients to successfully complete their own designs. However, sometimes plans and priorities change and BLT is called upon to help or fully implement designs. Regardless of the end result, an educated Client is best positioned to implement or manage the implementation of their designs. Learn more.

Training Courses

BLT provides a broad range of courses including hands-on labs, interactive discussions and best practices designed to leverage your success.