UltraFast Design Methodology

What Is the AMD Xilinx UltraFast Design Methodology?

In FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) development and design, speed, efficiency, and reliability are paramount. Engineers and developers are constantly seeking innovative methodologies to streamline the design process and deliver optimized solutions. AMD (formerly Xilinx), a prominent player in the FPGA industry, offers a cutting-edge approach known as the "UltraFast Design Methodology" to address these challenges. … Continued
High-Level Synthesis

Understanding What High-Level Synthesis (HLS) Is: Bridging the Gap Between Software and Hardware

In electronics and digital design with FPGAs and SoCs, the demand for more efficient, powerful, and faster hardware is unrelenting. Engineers and developers require ways to optimize their designs, making them faster and more energy efficient. One of the transformative technologies available to address this challenge is High-Level Synthesis (HLS). It plays a crucial role … Continued
what is an fpga

What Is an FPGA?

What Is an FPGA? The Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), invented by Xilinx (now AMD), is a type of integrated circuit that can be configured by the user after manufacturing to perform a variety of digital functions. They are popular in a wide range of industries, from telecommunications to aerospace, due to their flexibility and high … Continued
AMD Premier Partner

BLT Joins the Elite Ranks As an AMD Xilinx Premier Partner

In an exciting development for the FPGA industry, BLT, a leading engineering firm, was invited to join the AMD Xilinx Premier Partner status. This exclusive invitation places BLT among an elite group of premier partners. It solidifies our position as a top provider of cutting-edge engineering design services. This partnership with AMD Xilinx marks a … Continued

BLT Partners with AMD Xilinx to Host the 2023 Southeast Adaptive Computing Summit

BLT recently hosted our most exciting and ambitious event yet: the BLT 2023 Southeast Adaptive Computing Summit. This in-person conference discussed emerging technologies and solutions across the landscape of FGPAs and system-on-chip (SoCs) technologies and tools, including cutting-edge applications for RFSoCs and Versal Adaptive SoCs (previously known as Versal ACAPs). We were joined by AMD … Continued
Versal Adaptive SoC (ASoC)

Versal ACAP vs Versal Adaptive SoC

You may have heard the term Versal ACAP. Now, there’s Versal Adaptive SoC. What are they? What’s the difference? Let us explain. What is the Versal ACAP? In 2018, AMD Xilinx introduced the first adaptive compute acceleration platform, commonly known as an ACAP. The ACAP provides the robust functionality of an FPGA with adaptable programming … Continued
Xilinx Vivado Synthesis

What Does Xilinx Vivado Do During the Synthesis Build Step?

What Does Xilinx Vivado Do During the Synthesis Build Step? One of BLT's expert FPGA engineers demonstrates the Vivado synthesis build step in the video below. Interested in learning more about Vivado? Check out some of our available courses: Vivado Boot Camp for the FPGA User Phase 1: FPGA Essentials – Architecture, Memory and IO … Continued
AMD- Xilinx Training

The State of BLT’s AMD – Xilinx Training – Fall 2022 Update

With AMD’s acquisition of Xilinx earlier this year, many of our Clients and prospective students have wondered what this means for BLT’s Xilinx training services. While the "State of Training" would typically come in February, we're presenting it now to update everyone on what's changed, what hasn't and where things are going. Xilinx training is … Continued