Experience the Benefits of Private Training

Private classes offer significant benefits to teams that students can’t get from classes open to the public. BLT Private Training can be delivered to your team at your location, in a nearby facility, at the BLT Training Center in Columbia, MD, or online.

Benefits of Private Training include:

  • Reduced travel time and costs
  • Ability to control the pace of the class
  • Ability to control the content of the class
  • Exclusive access to an instructor
  • Opportunity to more openly discuss issues with your peers
  • Ability to discuss confidential issues (BLT under NDA)

The Details

Our private training, both online and in person, includes up to 10 students. There are no other fees besides the prices listed below. Add-ons and additional features can be purchased for additional fees, including printed books, more students spots, and class customizations.

In-Person Private Training

BLT in-person private training includes up to 10 students. Additional students over 10 are $600 or 6 Training Credits. Printed books are recommended for each in-person student.

Due to the nature of travel, a minimum of 2 days onsite is required. There are no additional travel fees for onsite training.

Sample In-Person Pricing
Class LengthPrice USDTraining Credits
2-Day In-Person Class$12000120
3-Day In-Person Class$18000180
4-Day In-Person Class$24000240
Printed Book (Per Student)$1001
Additional Student (Optional)$600/day6/day
  • Included: 1 on-site instructor, 1 laptop per 2 students, boards for labs, and PDF books.
  • Not included: venue, AV, network, food for students.
  • Printed books can be purchased for an additional charge.

Online Private Training

BLT online private training is the same $600/day as our public classes. For online private training you must pay for 10 student spots, even if fewer students attend. Additional students over 10 are $600/day. PDF books are included, but printed books are available to purchase for the class.


Sample Online Pricing
Class LengthPrice USDTraining Credits
1-Day Online Class$600060
2-Day Online Class$12000120
3-Day Online Class$18000180
Printed Book (Optional, Per Student)$1001
Additional Student (Optional)$600/day6/day

Class Customization

Classes may also be customized to meet your specific requirements. Depending on the level of customization, there may be additional fees. Please call our BLT Training Team to find out more.

Turnaround Time

It may take up to six weeks from the time this request is received to the date of the actual class, but we will get your class on the schedule as soon as possible.

If your class request is for an on-site class, you can speed up the processing of your request by ensuring the room you want to book is available for the specified dates, the students who should attend are available for the specified dates, and providing an IT contact in your comments.

Please contact us directly to discuss your private training needs.