BLT’s Training Policies


  • You must register to attend a class online or in-person.
  • One registration equals one student. You must pay per student.
  • Registrations received within 5 business days of a class are on a space available basis and at the discretion of BLT.
  • If a class is full, we have overflow options available. Please contact BLT’s Training Team.
  • Students outside BLT’s training territory should contact the BLT Training Team prior to registering for a class.



  • In all cases, payment for training is due before the first date of class.
  • BLT accepts all major US credit cards, checks, AMD Xilinx Training Credits or Vouchers, and purchase orders for US entities.
  • To process a payment, please contact BLT’s Training Team.


Discounts / Group Rates

  • BLT does not offer group rates or other discounts on training. At BLT’s rate, 1/3 less than other trainers, there is no group discount.
  • We do not currently accept discount codes on training – we’re already the lowest price AMD training.


Class Dates / Times / Locations

  • BLT’s online classes occur from 9am-5pm ET (Eastern Time) on the dates posted on the BLT Class Calendar.
  • BLT’s in-person occur from 9am-5pm in the time zone in which they are held. Dates and locations are posted on the BLT Class Calendar.
  • Private classes allow for flexibility in dates and locations. We will work with you on your time zone if you are outside of ET. Please contact the BLT Training Team.

Requesting a Class

  • If an online class is not listed that you would like to take, we can add a class 6-10 weeks out to the calendar, depending on our available resources.
  • If an in-person class is not listed on the calendar, please contact out Training Team to see if we can add a class at a location near you.
  • To request a private class, please contact our Training Team.



  • All BLT Instructors receive rigorous certification testing for each and every class that they teach, including demonstrated expertise with the latest AMD devices, tools and implementation techniques. This process typically takes over 6 months to complete.
  • BLT Instructors are full-time engineers who bring their real-world experience into the classroom.



  • Digital books are provided to students.
  • Printed books are available for 1 training credit or $100 additional cost. You must contact BLT’s Training Team if you’re interested. Please note it takes at least 5 business days to ship it to you.


Office Hours

  • BLT provides office hours to help students set up tools and be prepared prior to class. This is a free, value-added service.
  • Office hours are for one hour and scheduled based on the availability of our instructors.
  • Office hours cannot be rescheduled for individual student needs. However, our training team will do the best to make sure students have what they need prior to class.


BLT Online Class “Always Confirmed” Status

  • BLT’s online classes are always confirmed.
  • In the unlikely event that an online class is postponed, our Training Team will contact you directly to reschedule.
  • In-person classes are not subject to the same policy.


If BLT Cancels an In-Person Class

  • Regrettably, BLT must sometimes cancel an in-person class. In such cases, we may cancel a class anytime within 14 days of the scheduled start date. Please be aware of this cancellation policy when making your travel arrangements for in-person classes. Feel free to contact us to verify the status of any class.


Student Cancellations

  • Student cancellations received more than 14 calendar days of the first day of class are entitled to a 100% refund.
  • Student cancellations received less than 14 calendar days of the first day of class are entitled to a 100% credit towards future training offered by BLT.
  • If you have scheduled private training and need to cancel, please contact BLT Training.


BLT is committed to providing quality AMD Training. BLT makes substantial commitments of its resources to host each training class. We expect that our students are as committed to their education by adhering to the above policies and in attending their registered classes.

BLT reserves the right to change the above policies at any time.

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