Swift Launch Developer’s Kit for Versal Devices

Introducing the BLT Swift Launch Developers Kit, a game-changing, exclusive solution designed to accelerate your development process for AMD Versal devices and bring your project schedules forward by months. Swift Launch takes the complexity of designing for Versal devices and simplifies it. Input your custom algorithms into Swift Launch and the output is ready to run on hardware.

What you get:

  • Reference Design
  • Unified Documentation
  • Support
  • Optional Add-on: Custom Integration
  • Optional Add-on: Training

Are you struggling with:

  • how to get started with Versal designs without having a Versal SME on staff?
  • navigating the complexities and expected schedules of Versal designs? (Does it keep you up at night?)
  • the learning curve for AMD Versal devices?
  • Do you need to bring in your development schedule? (By months?)

Swift Launch will alleviate these. Learn how.

Reduce your Versal development time by up to 4 MONTHS.

Easy ways to get started:

Available as a stand-alone product or with custom integration by our BLT Versal experts.

Swift Launch Developer’s Kit for Versal Devices

Swift Launch Developer’s Kit with Custom Integration

Swift Launch Training (Coming Soon!)

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Reduce your Versal Development schedule by MONTHS

As a Project Manager, are you finding it difficult to estimate the time required to successfully complete a Versal design? Swift Launch streamlines the development process. Our toolkit has consistently demonstrated the ability to expedite schedules by months.

Reduce Learning Curve Challenges

We recognize the complexities associated with adopting new technologies like AMD Versal devices.

To master Versal it may require three types of engineers:

  • 1 for the Adaptable Hardware
  • 1 for Embedded OS Software
  • 1 to develop algorithms tailored to the AI Engines

Swift Launch will alleviate your challenges to Versal adoption. Let the AMD Versal experts at BLT help.

How it works:

We’ve taken the documentation, sources and everything that AMD has provided and put it together into a ready-to-use package.

  1. Input your custom code / algorithms and testbenches.
  2. Swift Launch takes the custom code and testbenches from Vivado, incorporates them with Vitis, AI Engines, Petalinux and additional Versal features.
  3. Produces a hardware device image ready for hardware.

Key Features & WHAT YOU GET:

  • Reduces time from source code to simulation.
  • Reduces time for designs using hardware/software from source code to Programmable Device Image (PDI).
  • Creates hardware platform to move into software.
  • Creates consistent process to get from source code to device image file.
  • Eases revision control separating source files and generated files.
  • Low learning curve and maintenance, enabling a focus on development.
  • Supports conditional builds for AI Engine and Processing System execution.
  • Fully supports x86 simulation, AI Engine emulation, hardware co-simulation, and hardware builds with a single set of source files.
    • Achieves the goal of minimizing differences in the code used in simulation vs. on hardware.
    • Options to launch the Vitis analyzer and generate XPE files for PDM.
  • Includes a scripted Vivado flow to easily integrate Kernel-based hardware platforms.
  • Provided as template project for the VCK190 – Implement your algorithms and run through Swift Launch to get your outputs generated to run on hardware. Templates for other boards available with custom integration.
  • Detailed Unified BLT Documentation – thorough documentation to get you from design to hardware.
  • Enables accelerated builds to speed up iterative development.
  • Best of all, IT JUST WORKS.

Ready to Save Months on Your Development Schedule?

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