BLT Webinars and Workshops Schedule

BLT offers a no-cost series of webinars and workshops on topics ranging from Versal designs to managing FPGA projects and everything in between. Each event in the series includes live instruction with Q&A with a BLT expert. Workshops are sponsored by AMD.

What’s the difference between a webinar and a workshop?

Webinars are 30 minutes to an hour long, and usually include one demo and a Q&A session with our topic expert. Webinars are available on-demand after the event.

Workshops are 4 hours long and include questions throughout and several demos. Workshops are not available on-demand.

Both event types include recordings sent to attendees after the event.

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Complete List of Upcoming No-Cost Events

Recordings of previous webinars are located in the table below this one.
WEBINAR: Debug Techniques for Vivado Block DesignsFebruary 28, 2024OnlineRecording coming soon
WEBINAR: Demystifying Clock Domain Crossings (CDC) and Synchronization CircuitsMarch 27, 2024OnlineRecording coming soon
WORKSHOP: Versal Adaptive SOC: Network on Chip (Sponsored by AMD Xilinx)May 22, 2024OnlineRegister
WEBINAR: What is the AI Engine?May 29, 2024OnlineRegister
WORKSHOP: Adaptive Computing for Managers (Sponsored by AMD Xilinx)June 19, 2024OnlineRegister
WEBINAR: Maximizing Your Debug with System ILAsJune 26, 2024OnlineRegister
WORKSHOP: Unlocking AMD Embedded Software Essentials: Key Strategies & Techniques (Sponsored by AMD Xilinx)July 24, 2024OnlineRegister
WEBINAR: What is AMD AI Inference? Optimizing Model Deployment for Real-World ApplicationsJuly 31, 2024OnlineRegister
WORKSHOP: Versal Adaptive SoC Design Methodologies Workshop
(Sponsored by AMD)
August 21, 2024OnlineRegister
WEBINAR: Increasing Design Performance Using Report QoRAugust 28, 2024OnlineRegister
WEBINAR: Advanced RFSoC Analysis with AMD: Leveraging the RF Analyzer Tool for In-Depth InsightsSeptember 25, 2024OnlineRegister
WORKSHOP: Advanced Debugging (Sponsored by AMD Xilinx)October 23, 2024OnlineRegister
WORKSHOP: Digital Logic 101 (Sponsored by AMD Xilinx)November 20, 2024OnlineRegister

Complete List of Webinar Recordings

Missed registering for a webinar and the on-demand isn’t ready yet? Email [email protected].

Webinar: Versal AI Engine Tool Flow Explained: Enhancing Your Development JourneyOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Closing Timing Using Intelligent Design Runs (Spotlight on New AMD Tool Feature)On-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Introduction to AXI: What Is AXI?On-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Techniques for Space Applications - Including RFSoCs, Ruggedized Devices and Safe State MachinesOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Getting Started with the Kria SOMOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Outsourcing Design Solutions for Defense PrimesOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Understanding Verification for Digital DesignOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Dark Mode in Vitis: The New IDEOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: HLS: What Is It and When Do You Use It?On-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Engineering Roundtable: Verification of SoC DesignsOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: BLT Engineering Roundtable - Design Productivity Tricks for Busy EngineersOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Debugging Using Cross TriggeringOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Accelerating AI with the Vitis Unified Software PlatformOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Xilinx for ManagersOn-DemandRecordedWatch
Webinar: Interfacing DDR with Programmable Logic on the Versal NoCOn-DemandRecordedWatch