Assured Synthesis Key (ASK) Assurance Toolkit

BLT’s innovative Assured Synthesis Key (ASK) technology provides data provenance assurance, data and workflow content verification, and resistance to evasion-style attacks. ASK enables EDA projects and workflows to allow for consistent reproduction and to provide a method to detect, report, and revert deviations in data and metadata without disrupting the EDA process consistently and accurately.

Originally, BLT developed ASK technology in response to a community requirement for a very specific data integrity challenge. In developing ASK, BLT discovered a lack of “hygiene” or discipline in maintaining data files, processes/workflows, and the resulting work products, even in a classified environment, as well as corresponding threats of data manipulation and even theft. ASK technology provides robust configuration management, content verification and data provenance assurance. At a high-level ASK’s primary capabilities/features include the detection of changes, auditing of EDA tools and projects, the ability to revert changes, and finally integrates and automatically drives EDA tools through their build flows.

Product Availability

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