Coaching Services ― Introducing Our New Service

As an AMD ATP, BLT is now offering Coaching Services. As part of this program, you can use your AMD Xilinx Training Credits to purchase access to BLT FPGA experts in short chunks of time. Need help accelerating designs? Struggling with a particular aspect of a project? Contact us about coaching.

Not sure what AMD Training Credits are? Click here.

BLT is already an AMD Premier Partner (the longest AMD Xilinx partner – we started the program) and an Authorized Training Provider. Now, we’re extending our AMD offerings to include coaching.

Struggling with a particular aspect of your FPGA / SoC design? Looking for help with a specific tool or technology? Need expert advice?

What Does Coaching (or Coaching Services) Mean?

Coaching is an elevated support path to help you with your designs. The CSP program – the ability to use Training Credits for coaching – is offered through AMD. Here’s what it is and isn’t:

What It IsWhat It Isn't
Individualized Coaching

Need just a few hours of help? This might be the solution for you.
Design Services

Have a larger project? BLT offers Design Services solutions, with more than 30 years in the FPGA design business.
Design Support

Looking for a support solution for your design?
Research & Development

Contact us about our Design Services options if you are looking for R&D.
Team Coaching

Need to get your team up-to-speed?

For debugging issues, please connect with us for Design Services.
Informal One-on-One or Team Training

Looking for informal training? Or custom one-on-one training?
Public Training or Formal Private Training

Looking for public training? BLT offers that! And we take Training Credits for our public training. BLT also offers formal private Team Training / Coaching, as well as our Experts Exchange.
AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Premier Partner
AMD Xilinx Authorized Training Provider

Coaching Services Pricing

BLT offers coaching in 4-hour chunks of time. 4 hours starts at 16 Training Credits. Call us to ask about additional pricing. For help with purchasing Training Credits: click here.

For larger projects, please contact us about our engineering design services.

Looking for Team Training?

Private Classes

If you’re looking to train your team, we have several offerings to choose from. BLT is an AMD Authorized Training Provider and can offer private training for your team either at your location or at our Training Center in Maryland. We offer both customized training, or you can choose from over 50 AMD Xilinx training classes that we offer. For questions about private training, click here.

Experts Exchange

Looking for engineering expertise with FPGAs /SoCs / ASICs to help your team? With our Experts Exchange offering, our BLT engineers will come to you to share their knowledge and experience and collaborate with your team. We’ll customize our 4-hour session from a variety of topics to best suit your team’s needs and be on hand for an additional 4 hours to consult with you. Learn more.