Do you have AMD (Xilinx) Training Credits, or are looking to purchase some? Did you see our website or the AMD website mention Training Credits and were curious what they are? Look no further – we’ll provide insight into what they are, how to get them, and what to use them for. Below are a list of common FAQs:

What Are AMD Xilinx Training Credits?

AMD offers Training Credits for several services, but they were originally intended for AMD Xilinx Training. AMD Xilinx customers can buy Training Credits in packs / packages via a customer agreement. In some cases, AMD may also provide Training Credits to customers after a product purchase.

What Is The Value of Training Credits?

AMD Xilinx Training Credits are valued at $100 USD each.

How Can I Use My Training Credits?

Use your Training Credits 4 ways:

BLT is an AMD Authorized Training Provider and offers over 50+ AMD Courses.

BLT provides coaching as an AMD Coaching Service Provider.

BLT offers our exclusive Experts Exchange program.

AMD offers on-demand training via their website.

AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Premier Partner
AMD Xilinx Authorized Training Provider

How Do I Purchase Training Credits?

Contact your regional AMD representative to help you purchase Training Credits. Not sure who that is? BLT can help. Contact us and we will connect you with the appropriate AMD representative.

How Do I Know If I Already Have Training Credits?

If you work for a large corporation, or a small one, you may already have Training Credits. Your AMD representative will guide you through the process of determining if you already have credits. Located in BLT’s Training Region? We can help too. Contact us.

How Do I Cash in My AMD Xilinx Training Credits?

Contact us for training, coaching or our Experts Exchange and we’ll handle the process for you. For AMD on-demand training, please contact AMD.

What Is a Training Credit Agreement?

When a company purchases Training Credits from AMD, the credits are referenced with the Training Credit Agreement number. This agreement is a contract between AMD and the company buying the credits.