what is an fpga

What Is an FPGA?

What Is an FPGA? The Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA), invented by Xilinx (now AMD), is a type of integrated circuit that can be configured by the user after manufacturing to perform a variety of digital functions. They are popular in a wide range of industries, from telecommunications to aerospace, due to their flexibility and high … Continued

Spartan-6 Migration: What You Need to Know

Does Your Spartan-6 Based Design Need to Stay in Production? The Xilinx® Spartan-6® FPGA chip is a workhorse. But—as you’ve no doubt heard—the Spartan-6 is experiencing significant supply chain issues. Supplies are extremely limited and lead times far exceed those of newer Xilinx products. So now’s the time to consider whether your designs depend on Xilinx … Continued
HLS Patch for Vitis and Vivado

HLS Patch for Vitis and Vivado

Xilinx releases HLS Patch to Fix Export Error If you use HLS in the Xilinx® Vitis™ and/or Vivado® tools, you may have encountered an export error. The error began on January 1, 2022. This applies to designs for Versal® ACAPs, Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoCs and other devices that use high-level synthesis. This new error causes the … Continued