The 3 Vs: Vitis, Versal and Vivado No-Cost Workshop

Wondering about the difference between Vitis and Vivado? This 4-hour online workshop provides experience with using Vitis, Vivado and understanding the Versal product line. Learn the difference between Vitis and Vivado and where Versal devices are used.

Gain experience with:

  • The Versal architecture overview
  • The Versal design tool flow
  • Vivado Design Suite Project-Based Flow
  • Vivado Design Suite Non-Project Mode
  • Driving the Vitis Tool
  • Vitis: Understanding Device Drivers


AMD-Xilinx is sponsoring this workshop, with no cost to students. Limited seats available.


None scheduled. Contact us if you would like us to run this special event again.

Training Duration:

1 Day (4 hours)

If you missed this workshop but want to view the on-demand video, please email [email protected].

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Who should attend:

Digital designers who have a working knowledge of HDL (VHDL or Verilog) who have experience with AMD FPGAs or anyone looking to understand the differences between Vitis and Vivado.

Skills Gained

After completing this comprehensive training, you will know how to:

  • Describe the Versal adaptive SoC architecture at a high level
  • Describe the various engines in the adaptive SoC device
  • Use the New Project Wizard to create a new Vivado IDE project
  • Describe the supported design flows of the Vivado IDE
  • Create a Tcl script to create a project, add sources and implement a design
  • Use Tcl scripting in project and non-project batch flows to synthesize, implement and generate custom timing reports
  • Understand the Vitis Tool at a high level

Course Outline

TBD – check back soon.

Please note: The instructor may change the content order to provide a better learning experience.

Updated 12-18-2023
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