AMD Spartan 3 Migration Services

Are you facing challenges due to the discontinuation of Spartan 3 devices? Need to keep your designs in production? Our Spartan 3 migration services are your key to a seamless transition, ensuring your designs keep running without missing a beat.

AMD Product Discontinuation Notice (PDN) XCN23009

Why Migrate Your Spartan 3 Design with Us?

AMD Expertise

Our team comprises FPGA experts with extensive knowledge in Spartan 3 devices, and AMD devices, ensuring a smooth migration process that aligns with your system requirements.

Unparalleled Capability with AMD Tools and Devices

BLT has access to ALL Xilinx tool versions from 2000 series to present. We have the ability to migrate any Xilinx-based design that’s ever existed from an older technology to a newer one.

Comprehensive SPARTAN 3 Support

We provide end-to-end support, from assessing your current Spartan 3-based systems to implementing the migration strategy that best suits your needs. We also offer follow up support via training or additional services.

Looking to maintain production for your Spartan 3 based design?

Our Spartan 3 Migration Process


We begin by understanding your existing Spartan 3-based design, evaluating functionalities, and identifying requirements. BLT’s custom assessment process is called ASP (Architecture, Specification and Plan ™.) Learn more about the ASP.

Customized Migration Strategy

Based on the assessment, we devise a tailored migration strategy. Whether transitioning to newer AMD FPGAs or considering a complete system redesign, our experts guide you through the options.

BLT is silicon agnostic. We will recommend a device and plan based on what best meets your design/product requirements.


With a carefully crafted plan in place, our team executes the migration process efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring a seamless transition to the newer technology.

Testing and Validation

Rigorous testing is conducted to validate the performance of the migrated design, ensuring that your product design meets or exceeds the requirements set in the ASP.

Training and Support

We provide support for your team to effectively manage and maintain the newly migrated design. We offer both formal training options and ongoing support to address any queries or concerns.

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Benefits of Spartan 3 Migration with BLT

Future-Proof Solutions

Our Spartan 3 migration services not only address the current discontinuation challenges but also future-proof your systems with advanced programmable logic alternatives.

Enhanced Performance

Your design may experience improved performance, efficiency, and capabilities with the newer technologies available in the market. See what’s possible for your design.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness. Our migration services are designed to provide optimal solutions within your budget constraints.

Minimized Disruption

Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition, minimizing disruption to your operations and allowing you to keep your design in production.

Contact Us Today for a Smooth Transition

Don’t let the discontinuation of AMD Spartan 3 devices cause disruptions for your product. Contact us today to explore how our migration services can keep your design in production, ensuring adaptability, performance, and longevity. Embrace the next generation of programmable logic devices with confidence, backed by our expertise and commitment to your success.