BLT Joins the Elite Ranks As an AMD Xilinx Premier Partner

In an exciting development for the FPGA industry, BLT, a leading engineering firm, was invited to join the AMD Xilinx Premier Partner status. This exclusive invitation places BLT among an elite group of premier partners. It solidifies our position as a top provider of cutting-edge engineering design services. This partnership with AMD Xilinx marks a significant milestone for BLT.

BLT has been a member of the Xilinx, now AMD, partner program since its inception. The partner program has three tiers of membership. BLT maintained certified status, the second tier level, throughout our involvement with the program.

In 2023, AMD Xilinx invited BLT to join the elite ranks of the partner program as a Premier Partner. BLT has graciously accepted this invitation and, as of June 2023, is a Premier Partner.

The AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Partner Program

The Adaptive Computing Partner Program is a comprehensive initiative aimed at nurturing collaboration and innovation within the AMD Xilinx ecosystem. The program connects industry-leading companies that offer design services and other critical services. These partner services complement advanced technologies and tools by AMD. By partnering with trusted organizations, AMD Xilinx ensures that customers receive comprehensive solutions that maximize their designs.

BLT AMD Premier Partner

BLT’s Premier Partnership

As a premier partner in the AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Partner Program, BLT has proven our expertise and commitment to delivering top-tier engineering design services. This recognition underscores our ability to harness adaptive computing technologies. We develop solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible in various industries, including aerospace, space, defense, and medical. BLT’s portfolio of services aligns perfectly with offerings from AMD. This enables us to provide tailored and comprehensive solutions to our clients.

The Benefits of the Partnership

Our partnership with Xilinx opens up a host of advantages for our clients and the engineering community at large. Firstly, it grants BLT early access to AMD Xilinx cutting-edge technologies and product roadmaps. This ensures we stay at the forefront of innovation. Plus, it allows BLT to incorporate the latest advancements into our designs, giving our clients a competitive edge in their respective markets. In truth, BLT has maintained a close relationship with AMD Xilinx and has had many of these benefits, but now it’s official.

BLT and AMD Xilinx work closely together as partners. BLT helps AMD with benchmarking their tools and technologies and other projects. Plus, BLT is also an AMD Xilinx Authorized Training Provider. AND named BLT the #1 trainer globally, two years in a row.

Clients working with BLT can now benefit from an even broader range of engineering design services tailored specifically to their needs. Whether it’s developing high-performance computing platforms, implementing advanced signal processing algorithms, or designing intelligent embedded systems, BLT’s furthered collaboration with AMD Xilinx ensures that our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions that meet their unique requirements.


BLT’s invitation to become a premier partner in the AMD Xilinx Adaptive Computing Partner Program marks a significant milestone for our company and the engineering design services industry. The increased collaboration solidifies BLT’s position as a top provider of innovative solutions that leverage adaptive computing technologies from AMD Xilinx. By harnessing the resources, expertise, and support provided by AMD Xilinx, BLT will continue to revolutionize engineering design. This partnership is a win-win for BLT, AMD Xilinx, and our clients, paving the way for growth in adaptive computing and FPGA / SoC design.