Migrating to the Vitis Embedded Software Development IDE Workshop

DEPRECATED COURSE: This course is older and no longer offered with our regular course list. It is only available as a private class.

Please contact the BLT Training Team to schedule a private class.

This workshop on the Xilinx Vitis embedded software demonstrates the tools and techniques required for software design and development using the Vitis unified platform.

Skills Gained

After completing this comprehensive training, you will know how to:

  • Develop and deploy an application on a Xilinx embedded system using the Vitis unified software platform
  • Migrate an existing SDK project to the Vitis platform

Learn more about the Xilinx Vitis embedded platforms.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Overview of Vitis Embedded Software Development {Lecture}
  • Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool {Lecture, Lab}
  • Migrating from SDK to the Vitis Platform {Lecture, Demo}
  • Standalone Software Platform Development and Coding Support {Lecture, Lab}
  • Linux Software Application Development Overview {Lecture, Lab}
  • Building a Linux Application in the Vitis IDE {Lecture}
  • System Debugger {Lecture, Lab}
  • Profiling Overview {Lecture, Lab}

Training Duration:

1 Day

Who should attend:

Existing embedded developers using Xilinx SDK tools for software development


  • C or C++ programming experience, including general debugging techniques
  • Conceptual understanding of embedded processing systems as it relates to the Xilinx ecosystem (specifically writing and modifying scripts, user applications, and boot loader operation)

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Updated 7-14-2023
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