Every online Xilinx class, just $299 per day

We’ve lowered the price on our online Xilinx training classes from $900/day down to just $299/day (or 3 Xilinx training credits). We’ve always said, training is an investment. With BLT’s new pricing it’s easier than ever for engineers to grow the skills they need and for managers to greenlight and support vital training.

It’s the same world-class training hosted by BLT’s Design Engineers, but the return on your training investment just tripled.

This is not a sale. This is the future of BLT training. See our training calendar.

Every class guaranteed to run

It gets better. Now, if you register for a class—even specialty ones—we’re running it. Even if you’re the only student!

Price and predictability: You asked, we listened.

Every just $299 per day

But wait there’s more…

We’re also offering multiple instructors for lab sessions, one-on-one Manager-Instructor sessions and (coming soon) no student tool or setup requirements.

Relationships matter

BLT believes in the win-win-win model — Our Clients, Xilinx and BLT. Our new model makes world-class training more accessible to our Clients, while growing our relationships and expanding the overall Xilinx marketplace.

The bottom line: As trusted trainers and fellow engineers, your success is our success.

Our class schedule is updated regularly.

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Does BLT offer a group discount on training?

At BLT’s new low rate, 1/3 of the prior cost, there is no group discount.

I am outside your region; can I still take your class?

In all probability, yes. However, please contact BLT’s Training Team to make sure everything goes smoothly.

What time zone are the courses/classes in?

ET (Eastern Time). However, if you have a private class you want to host, we will work with you on this. Please contact the BLT Training Team.

Since the price is now less, am I also getting less?

Nope! Nothing is changing except for the price and the confirmation policy. The materials, labs, and engineer instructors are all the same.

Is BLT still offering advanced (early bird) pricing?

No, at BLT’s new low rate, 1/3 of the prior cost, we are no longer offering advanced pricing.

Does that mean courses will be less available?

Actually, quite the opposite. Per our calendar, we are offering more classes. Oh, and BTW, each and every class is now guaranteed to run.

Can I still use training credits?

Yes! If you need help with your training credits, please contact the BLT Training Team.

Is there more responsibility (labs, setup, etc.) for me as student?

Nope! It’s the same online experience as before. In fact, we’re looking to streamline the student experience so the focus is on learning new skills.

Is in-person going away?

No. However, it is currently suspended because of COVID. Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social to be notified when in-person training resumes.

Is this a limited time only?

It’s not a sale. This is not a limited time offer. This is our plan moving forward.

Is there a limit to the number of courses I can take based on new pricing?

We don’t have any limits.

What happens if the class is full?

We have overflow options available. Please contact BLT’s Training Team.

What does full mean?

In order to provide the best training possible, we limit the class size based on the course and our commitment to a quality experience.

Is in-person the same price as online?

The in-person price at BLT is $399 per day.

Why is in-person more?

For public in-person classes, BLT provides a facility, breakfast and lunch.

Why would I ever go to in-person training if the cost is higher?

It’s a personal choice. Some people prefer an in-person learning experience. Some government organizations prefer this as well.

What does always confirmed mean?

If you register, the class will run.

What if I need to cancel?

We will refund your money or apply it to a future class.

Xilinx is promoting 20% off Versal, can I use that?

At BLT’s new low rate, 1/3 of the prior cost, there are no discounts. (The standard market rate was $900/day, with 20% that would be $720 a day. We think you’ll like $299 better.)

What is changing?

Nothing except for the price and confirmation status.

Are books still available?

Post 2020, books have been provided electronically. However, printed books are available for 1 training credit or $100 additional cost. You must contact BLT’s Training Team if you’re interested. Please note it takes at least 5 business days to ship it to you.

Can I just buy the book(s)?

Due to our training agreement with Xilinx, BLT cannot provide a book without taking a class.

Are engineers still teaching the class?

Our classes are taught by engineers who also work on BLT’s Design Services projects.

The class I want isn’t listed on the calendar. Can you add it for me?

Yes. We can add a class 6-10 weeks out to the calendar, depending on our available resources.

Are private class prices also lower?

Yes! Contact our BLT Training Team to discuss your private class needs.

About BLT

BLT has been offering Xilinx training for more than 25 years.

  • We’ve trained thousands engineers in the methodology, subtleties, rigors and art of FPGA design.
  • We specialize in Xilinx FPGA training courses, but also offer custom classes.
  • BLT training is taught by BLT’s Design Services engineers that bring their real-world knowledge to enhance the training experience.