For a Fulfilling Career, Choose a Job with a Mission

A Job with a Mission

As a design engineer, there are any number of places you can put your expertise to use. But if you want your FPGA career to mean something more, there’s a good chance you’ll find more fulfillment at a workplace with a mission—someplace like BLT.

At BLT (formerly Bottom Line Technologies, Inc.), our mission is simple: To serve our Nation and our Clients, to be profitable, and to have fun. And it’s that first commitment — service — that draws so many FPGA design engineers to a BLT career.


Working with Purpose

At BLT, you’re working for projects that matter. Projects with a purpose. Projects for the federal government. Projects for Department of Defense prime contractors. Projects that take our technology across the globe, under the sea, into space, and everywhere in between.

Our central Maryland location puts us in easy reach of government and DoD Prime facilities, and agencies from across the federal alphabet rely on our technology and training.

We’re not just working for shareholders or to make some line in a chart go up. We’re working for Americans and American interests all over the world (and beyond).

  • In aerospace, we’re helping to navigate the secrets of Mars.
  • In defense, we’re helping our military, the intelligence community, and other government agencies preserve American lives.
  • And in the private sector, companies rely on us to prototype new designs and novel applications. Yes, we helped create HDTV…but that was just the beginning. Now, we’re on the forefront of RF, data communications, signal processing, testing and measurement, and so much more.


Where Do You See Yourself?

  • Are you a government employee who wants a faster-paced, more challenging environment, but who doesn’t want to lose that sense of purpose?
  • Are you former military, and do you want to continue to serve to the best of your capacity?
  • Are you working in the private sector, but feel like your work should be meaningful at the end of the day?

If any of these sound like you, fit with how you see yourself, or just plain feel right, you might belong at BLT.

The bottom line: Careers at BLT offer a place for your expertise, your enthusiasm, and your commitment to doing important work. Plus, you’ll get to work on exciting projects and have a lot of fun on the way.


Find Out More

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