• Most Students that attend training will not employ what they’ve learned in class immediately. In fact, many students report they’re 4-12 weeks from utilizing what they’ve learned.
  • A Small Business Report Studies indicates that, given best-in-class training, an audience recalls 85 percent of information from training after three hours and, if the knowledge is not applied, only 65 percent after three days. A separate Motorola study found that “employees tend to retain only 15 percent of what they learned within three weeks after taking a corporate education course.
  • While most students remember broader subjects, it’s often the details, details that matter and can cost a project hours or days that get lost.
  • A legend in adult training once said, “You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike in a seminar.” Even with extensive labs, the sheer volume of information we teach in each and every class only adds to challenge.
If you’re interested in follow-on training for yourself or your team, please contact us at 1-888-XILINX-1 or use the form below.


To address these realities, and to best position our alumni for rapid success, BLT now offers follow-on coaching to its training students. Small slices of time, previously unavailable, to walk alumni though the details or help them with tasks specific to their needs.

“That one 30 minute phone call sure went a long way. You helped me remember a lot and walked me through my specific situation. Saved me days. Thanks for being there!”