Vitis FastTrack: Session 2 – AI

BLT’s Vitis FastTrack series demonstrates the tools and techniques required for both software and hardware accelerated design using the Vitis Unified Software platform.

Learn how Vitis helps accelerate C, C++, and AI applications for cloud, edge, and embedded designs in a single suite. Learn how to migrate existing SDK projects and develop, debug, and profile new or existing C/C++ and RTL applications in the Vitis unified software environment targeting both embedded and cloud applications.

Skills Gained

After completing this comprehensive training, you will know how to:

  • Implement an effective software design environment for a Xilinx embedded system using the Vitis unified software platform
  • Describe how the FPGA architecture lends itself to parallel computing
  • Understand how to optimize AI models for deployment on an FPGA platform using Vitis AI
  • Explain how the Vitis unified software environment helps software developers focus on application
  • Accelerate C, C++, and RTL using the RTL Kernel Wizard
  • Debug applications running on embedded systems using Vitis

Course Outline

Session 1

  • Introduction to Hardware Acceleration
  • Vitis Software Accelerated Libraries
  • Introduction to the Vitis Unified Software Platform
  • Vitis IDE Tool Flow -> Vitis Command Line Flow
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    Vitis FastTrack Series

Session 2

  • Overview of ML Concepts
  • Frameworks supported by Vitis AI
  • Introduction to the Deep Learning Processor
  • AI Quantizer and AI Compiler
  • Vitis AI Library
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    Vitis FastTrack Series

Session 3

  • Driving the Vitis Software Development Tool
  • Migrating from SDK to Vitis
  • System Debugger
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    Vitis FastTrack Series

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Education Investment Options

Basic Follow-on Coaching
Comprehensive Follow-on Coaching

  • To qualify for the Advanced Registration Price, full payment must be received 21 days prior to the first day of class.
  • Basic follow-on coaching includes 2 hours (max 2 calls)
  • Comprehensive follow-on coaching includes 10 hours (max 5 calls)
  • Follow-on Coaching must be purchased at time of registration.


Training Duration:

3 Hours

Who should attend:

  • Designers looking to migrate existing designs to the Vitis platform
  • Developers interested in using FPGAs to accelerate AI inference in the cloud or on the edge
  • Software engineers looking to accelerate C, C++, and RTL solutions using Vitis and FPGAs.


Vitis FastTrack: Session 1 – Essential Overview

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