On time and On budget

Whether you are seeking assistance with a “difficult” design, or simply want to accelerate your schedule and reduce your time-to-market, BLT stands ready to help.

Signal Processing

BLT uses the industry standard tools and environments such as MATLAB, Simulink and HLS to enable rapid system simulation and rapidly produce robust custom DSP solutions.

Datacom / Telecom

BLT works with signals from T1/E1 through SONET and OTN. We have created a wide variety of designs including payload extraction and analysis, inverse multiplexing, and various types of test equipment.

Embedded Processing

Given the power and utility of embedded processors, Xilinx’s Zynq SoC products are transforming the programable logic landscape. Using embedded Linux or running bare metal, from hosting IP stacks to software defined radio (SDR) applications, the multiple processing cores have expanded the capabilities, densities and power efficiencies of our Clients.


From simple designs to BLT’s prototype of HDTV, motion jpeg to H.264, our experience in video designs is extensive.

Rusting Edge Technologies

Unlike users at the “leading edge” or “bleeding edge” of mainstream technology, some Clients are working to evolve or maintain designs several years old. We call this, in fun, the “Rusting Edge!” Here BLT helps overcome the challenges of component availability, obsolete and obscure design databases and tools, and other problems.